Spray tanning is an excellent way to even out skin tone, bring a healthy glow to the skin, and look and feel thinner! Whether you are a weekly tanner or considering a tan for your wedding, or photoshoot, it is a great choice! You can completely customize your spray tan by adding some of our specialty additives, such as DHA Boosting Drops, to intensify your tan, Skin Firming Drops, or Golden Bronze Drops for a little touch of shimmer and sheen! You will feel, look and smell like you're sitting in the tropics somewhere, relaxing under the sun with our new Pineapple Scent Drops! 


Preparing for your Spray Tan

  • For best results, please shave and use an oil free exfoliant beforehand. Pay particular attention to your hands, elbows, heels, knees and feet when exfoliating.
  • Try not to shave closer than 3 hours before your tan, so we can give your pores a chance to close back up.
  • Do not use deodorants, oils, moisturizers containing heavy oils, or parabens before or after your tan.
  • Wear loose fitting clothes after your tan to avoid marks while it develops, and try not to sweat or workout.
  • To prolong the tan, invest in paraben and oil free washes and lotions, DO NOT EXFOLIATE, and limit your shaving as much as possible.